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What can hyperkalemia cause?

Jun 25, 2017

Drug factors due to taking angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers such as captopril, there may be hyperkalemia. Adjust medication, replace other antihypertensive drugs. Reasons cause Kidney infection high: Infection properly use antibiotics, timely control of infection. Reasons cause hyperthyroidism: ion disorder and blood transfusion such as infusion potassium too fast, too much into the old blood caused by hyperkalemia.

Patients should according to the disease to grasp the speed of potassium, timely detection of serum potassium concentration, as little as possible to lose the old blood. To prevent hyperkalemia. After the analysis of the etiology of patients with high levels of dialysis, so that the conditioning staff, more effective and more targeted to strengthen health education and actively take the appropriate conditioning measures to up to reduce the incidence of hyperkalemia.

 What can hyperkalemia cause?
 What can hyperkalemia cause?


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