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Tongshantang experts teach how to check kidney by yourselves

Jun 25, 2017

Kidney disease has become an important threat to human health, in the United States and other developed countries, there are about 10% people suffering from kidney disease, not only the cost of treatment is high, and the survival rate is low, the main reason is that people are not clear about the manifestation of nephropathy; in order to do better disease prevention, tongshantang experts told you the performance of nephropathy.
The diet is salty and the urine has bubble
Case: Uncle Zhang lives in Ningbo, feel like eating more salty, recently always feel uncomfortable, urinate with bubbles, and swollen and pain often appear on body, a week ago he felt nausea, thought stomach disease, the hospital examination said it is uremia.
Analysis: the diet is related to kidney health, many kidney disorders is due to improper diet, especially with long-term a too salty diet, harmful to the kidney.
Feel sleepy in work, feel tired in labour
Case: Mr. Wang is a middle-aged man with a fight career, at first feel sleepy, fatigue, take physical examination and found protein in urine, high blood pressure, found kidney disorders by B-ultrasound, such as people say "cause in the uphill, downhill in health".
Analysis: drowsiness and fatigue are the early symptoms of chronic kidney disease. The disease is easily overlooked and people should pay more attention to the cause of fatigue.
I have a slight pain in my back and my appetite is a little bit worse
Case: uncle Liu was Porter, often feel pain after work, but disappear after a little rest, so he did not care, but recently the waist often appear sour condition, appetite is not good, often feel sick; the hospital examination revealed bilateral renal atrophy, and it has become uremia.
Analysis: in daily life, many people will appear sore feeling, worse appetite, most people do not pay attention to that, letting the development of the disease, missed the opportunity for early treatment, and ultimately lead to uremia.
The eyelid is swollen slightly, a little sallow complexion
Case: Ms. Huang is over 40 years, every day there are a little swollen eyelids, she did not care, recently, at night after cleansing she found herself pale and yellow, with eyelid edema; the hospital examination found anemia, abnormal urine, the further examination revealed a chronic renal insufficiency.
Analysis: sallow may be symptoms of nephropathy, but people often ignore it, thought it is caused by a poor diet, but Ms. Huang's example give alarm to us, we must pay attention to our own health.

Tongshantang experts teach how to check kidney by yourselves
Tongshantang experts teach how to check kidney by yourselves

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