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Is kidney stone disease serious?

Jun 27, 2017

Because of the influence of drugs, or does not pay attention diet, coupled with bacterial infection, many people often have kidney stones, appear premature ejaculation symptoms in the body, mainly when bending down, squatting, taking force will feel pain in kidney, this is because of the existence of the stone. The stone causes kidney pain symptoms, so patients’ activities will be limited, after the emergence of kidney stones, many people hope to find a suitable treatment method and the best treatment plan.

First of all we have to do in the treatment of kidney stones is symptomatic treatment, for moderate renal calculi, we need to break the stone apart, discharged through metabolism. The crushing treatment can take equipment, and drug treatment through the utility of softening kidney stones, excrete kidney stones accompanied with part tissue, but the time will be longer, if can not receive effective, change for another way.

The Chinese medicine treatment, also can achieve the effect of treatment, TCM currently play  the treatment role by crashing the stone, patients need to drink Chinese traditional medicine to soften stones, part stones were excreted, patients need go to check regularly, check whether the stone have be drained out or not; because kidney stones are not simply a stone, there are a lot of small residue in the kidney can not be discharged.

The serious kidney stones, has no way to discharge; and there is no way to soften the stone, this case only can be treated by surgery, surgical treatment is mainly through the crushing, stone will be removed, get rid of toxins in the body, achieving therapeutic effect, but we should pay attention to taking the drug therapy at the same time. 

Is kidney stone disease serious?

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