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The harm of kidney stone。

Jun 27, 2017

Obstruction. Kidney stones in the ureter stenosis, can cause partial or complete obstruction, leading to hydronephrosis, renal pelvis extended, and cause pain, dysuria, micturition, dysuria symptoms.

Lumbar and abdominal pain. For patients with longer kidney stones, about half of them suffer from pain in the waist and abdomen. Light patients have pain, dull pain and other symptoms; serious patients have acute paroxysmal intermittent angina pectoris, just like knife cuting pain, mostly accompanied by ipsilateral to the groin and perineal radiation, few patients have contralateral simultaneous reflex pain, pain is lighter than the affected side. When the pain is severe, the patient often groans, suffers discomfort, nausea, vomiting, pale, sweating, blood pressure drops, and is in a state of prostration or shock. In a few patients, pain can be relieved in a few hours. Most people need to use antispasmodic to kill pain. If stone falls into the bladder, in addition to pain, there will be urgency, frequent urination stones irritation symptoms.

Hematuria. Hematuria occurs after a variety of physical activities. Hematuria is pided into gross hematuria, that is, the naked eye can observe red in urine and microscopic hematuria, that is, the naked eye can not see the color changes, only through the microscope to observe the red blood cells in urine. Therefore, when gout patients test urine, found that there are more red cells under the microscope, it is necessary to check whether there is stone.

Have read the introduction above, we have understood the serious harm of kidney stone disease; I hope the understanding of serious harmfulness of kidney stones can help people in later life correctly treat the disease; each of us should pay attention to it and develop good eating habits of life for the prevention of kidney stone disease.

The harm of kidney stone:

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