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Proteinuria chronic nephritis how to health care

Dec 21, 2017

Proteinuria is more harmful to patients, brought a lot of harm to patients, you want to avoid disease hazards, we need to find their own treatment, then how proteinuria chronic nephritis fitness care?

Proteinuria chronic nephritis how to health care

Correct treatment of disease, to maintain optimism: As chronic nephritis patients suffering from a long time, the disease often repeated, the lack of effective treatment and treatment methods, it makes many patients easily irritability, pessimistic disappointment, and even give rise to self-esteem, which directly affects the physical and mental well-being of patients Health, affect the condition. Maintaining optimism is extremely important. If you can constantly self-regulation, so that mental nerves are always in a stable state, will be conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.

Should pay attention to self-protection, prevent infection: any infection will aggravate nephritis condition. Chronic nephritis patients with low body resistance, it is easy to infection, it should be carefully prevented. Infections are often in the respiratory tract, urinary system and skin, so avoid the cold. In the popular season do not go to public places, and pay attention to the mouth, perineal and skin cleaning. In case of prodromal symptoms of infection, you should seek immediate medical attention and timely treatment, should not be delayed.

To have appropriate physical activity, but also to avoid fatigue: Many patients with chronic nephritis have such experience, when physical activity is excessive, urinary protein and hematuria that is gaining weight, and rest, especially after bed rest that is better. However, patients with chronic nephritis should not be long-term bed rest. If you do not moderate physical activity and social activities for a long time, certainly negative physical and mental health, will lead to further decline in constitution and disease resistance.

Of course, everyone should pay attention to the above points. Of course, proteinuria is more serious, and you want to completely reduce the occurrence of disease hazards. After you master how proteinuria health care, you should also actively consult the recommendations of relevant experts.

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