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A common cause of decreased residual renal function

Feb 26, 2018

According to the scholars' observation, among the total creatinine clearance of dialysis patients, the amount of creatinine left by the residual kidney accounts for 39% of the total. Even if the residual renal function remains only 2% of the original, the total peritoneal dialysis clearance Of 1/3.

A common cause of decreased residual renal function

Whether hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, as long as there is a certain residual renal function, dialysis who can maintain good dialysis efficiency, to maintain adequate dialysis, we must redouble our efforts to increase the number of dialysis and prolong the dialysis time, but also increase dialysis Liquid dose. Therefore, in recent years, after dialysis, we must attach importance to the protection of residual renal function. Resulting renal function decline caused by the following common reasons:

Hypertension: Hypertension in addition to systemic hypertension, but also cause high pressure within the glomeruli, and further aggravate the original kidney disease, plus the deterioration of residual renal function.

Inflammation: Some synthetic membranes in hemodialysis can trigger the production of substances that promote inflammation, causing damage to residual renal function.

The application of nephrotoxic drugs: that with dialysis, to give up the kidneys, improper use of nephrotoxic drugs, such as gentamicin, kanamycin, tobramycin, accelerated renal function decline.

Dialysate high osmotic pressure load: the initial decline in residual renal function hemodialysis fastest, probably twice the peritoneal dialysis, it is estimated that the infiltration of dialysate and ultrafiltration more water.

The cause of kidney disease: Early in the glomerular disease, to the late development speed, and occurred in the renal interstitial tubule disease, renal damage occurred more slowly.

In view of the above reasons, nephrotoxic drugs need to be avoided even though patients undergoing dialysis should still monitor blood pressure changes and actively treat high blood pressure. Although some renal diseases have been undergoing dialysis treatment, The treatment of these diseases, the residual renal function will soon be lost, it should also be actively treated, to develop a reasonable dialysis program, as far as possible to avoid over dialysis and promote renal decline.

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