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What kind of patients can get rid of hemodialysis?

China now found more than 100 million patients with uremia are basically relying on hemodialysis survival, and occasionally some lucky children can do kidney transplant surgery, so you can temporarily return to the healthy state, w ...Read More


People with kidney disease should avoid drugs

In addition to Chinese herbal medicine, many commonly used western medicine also has greater nephrotoxicity, must be used with caution, patients with kidney disease is best not to take. Western medicine has obvious nephrotoxicity m ...Read More


Why does kidney disease appear nausea and vomiting?

Patients with kidney disease, especially in patients with renal failure often anorexia, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even gastrointestinal bleeding and other symptoms. The emergence of these symptoms and more ...Read More


Three major ways of damaging the kidneys

1, indiscriminate medication, excessive medication: long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs easily lead to tubulointerstitial damage. Such as pain tablets, paracetamol, etc., easily lead to kidney damage. 2, stay up all night, eat salty ...Read More


These symptoms prove your kidney health!

Everyone has a different situation. Some people, even when they are young, can show weakness and sickness. Others, with their gray hair, grow predominantly. So, this does not judge the kidney of a person exactly according to age. S ...Read More


How to prevent gouty kidney damage?

How to prevent gout, effective prevention of gout what to do? Many people do not pay attention in daily life, overeating, not exercise, smoking and so on. These bad factors are likely to cause gout. Therefore, the prevention of gou ...Read More


How does kidney cysts cause harm to patients?

Renal cysts after renal failure occurs, renal cyst patients tend to have varying degrees of complications, such as high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and discomfort. The harm of renal cysts to renal cystic renal insufficiency fo ...Read More


What are the effects of kidney cysts on people?

Urinary tract infection: This is the most prone to a serious complication of female patients with renal cysts. Covering cystitis, pyelonephritis, cyst infection and perirenal abscess. The emergence of leukocytic tubular urine and c ...Read More


How should children's IgA kidney disease be treated?

The children IgA nephropathy is not common in our daily life, but the harm is great, you understand this kind of disease, although the disease is common and serious, we should treat actively cooperate with the doctors, you know the ...Read More


How to effectively treat patients with nephrotic syndrome?

For the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, should be treated with caution, according to the patients condition to choose the appropriate treatment. Specific problems specific analysis, not blindly. Because it is closely related to th ...Read More


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