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The best medicine for treating nephrotic syndrome

In life, the face of kidney disease, we all have to pay attention to it, can not have a little lax, otherwise there will be a lot of harm, in fact, we should be active treatment, so as not to cause us more serious harm. What is the ...Read More


Can kidney stones drink milk before going to bed?

Kidney stones patients can drink milk before going to bed? Kidney stones patients should not drink milk before going to bed! People after sleep, urine output decreased, urinary all kinds of physical substances increased, can make t ...Read More


Can kidney stones be exercised for physical exercise?

Kidney stones patients can exercise, especially small stones in patients with appropriate exercise will not cause kidney damage, generally for small blood stones below 5mm, the patient can oral row of stone after the drug, and then ...Read More


Can kidney stones be drained out of the urine of patients?

Kidney stone itself will not disappear, but it is possible with the urine, if the patient has a stone in the last examination, the examination did not show, certainly in micturition when renal calculi with urine stone; slightly lar ...Read More


How is iga kidney disease caused?

For iga kidney disease is how to produce it? The incidence of the crowd is still a lot, if the usual work is too busy after the injury is very easy to even, in fact, to protect the kidneys of this organ, you need to consider the ri ...Read More


What is the main cause of iga kidney disease?

For IgA nephropathy we must understand what causes it, so that it will help prevent the work, reduce the chance of disease close. If you are the main cause of IgA nephropathy is what is not clear, then you can see the experts to ma ...Read More


What are the symptoms and how to treat iga kidney disease

Speaking of iga kidney disease, many people are not familiar with, because iga kidney disease to the patients and their families to bring serious harm, but also the pain caused by patients is difficult to understand. Below the kidn ...Read More


Suffering from kidney stones on men what kind of harm

We all know that kidney stones in patients with stones before taking out, is likely to occur near the infection, and infection will accelerate the increase in stones, kidney stones if patients do not take timely treatment measures, ...Read More


What are the major causes of kidney stones?

We all want to know what kind of kidney stones in the end is a kind of disease, kidney stones mainly due to the renal system in the renal tubular blockage, resulting in stones have occurred, kidney stones are very damaging to the b ...Read More


Got kidney disease why should swollen swollen swollen?

As the gradual spread of knowledge of kidney disease, many people have a certain understanding of kidney disease, kidney disease will appear for the number of symptoms have been heard, edema as a common manifestation of kidney dise ...Read More


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