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Right kidney cyst is how to return a responsibility?

So, if a kidney cyst works improperly, its easy to happen. Many patients, because they do some manual work, often fatigue, so that their immune ability decreased, resulting in the incidence of renal cysts. Gene mutation. Gene mutat ...Read More


Five common causes of IGA nephropathy

IGA nephropathy is mainly glomerular mesangial area with IgA or IgA deposition, with or without other immunoglobulin in the glomerular mesangial deposition of primary glomerular disease. IGA nephropathy is one of the more serious k ...Read More


Diet pills can cause hydronephrosis?

In our daily life, there are many obese patients, like to use some diet pills, to achieve the purpose of changing the body, but there are some weight loss drugs on the patients body is very dangerous, not only can not achieve the p ...Read More


How is adrenal gland tumour treated?

Conservative treatment or surgery may be performed with traditional Chinese medicine. Laparoscopic surgery has become the most common way to remove adrenal tumors. The utility model has the advantages of obviously, is a small hole ...Read More


What are the precautions for hydronephrosis?

Pelvic ureteral junction stenosis (or obstruction) caused by hydronephrosis is the most common type of congenital hydronephrosis in children, often due to thickening of the ureteropelvic junction caused by renal (glenoid) water inc ...Read More


Surgical treatment of patients with hydronephrosis

In life, many people suffer from hydronephrosis, for the hydronephrosis we must promptly detect the cause, symptomatic treatment, in particular, pay attention to water intake, learn more about some knowledge, to be able to avoid th ...Read More


Patients with hydronephrosis should pay attention to what

symptoms of uremia,squid high in cholesterol,hydronephrosis foods to avoid:diet for hydronephrosis, we should pay attention to, hydrated food to avoid, we do not ignore these problems, ...Read More


hydronephrosis foods to avoid eating

For patients with hydronephrosis, the diet is very important, patients and their families in the hydronomic food must avoid eating food that affects the condition. When taking care of patients with hydronephrosis must pay attention ...Read More


Lupus nephritis diet standards which need attention

Lupus nephritis is a very serious kidney disease, the patient should pay attention to the disease. Symptoms of timely treatment, but also in the diet should pay special attention to the development of patients with the disease is i ...Read More


Causes of uremia caused by diabetic nephropathy

Diabetes is a great harm to the human body and difficult to treat a disease, a burden is difficult to treat, diabetic nephropathy caused by a lot of causes of uremia, so this disease is to pay special attention, So, diabetic nephro ...Read More


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