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How to control the amount of drinking water in patients with kidney disease

Midsummer is coming, the weather is boring and dry, people will usually feel very thirsty. Drinking water demand is also great, but for patients with kidney disease, drinking water on their own health is not a small knowledge. Espe ...Read More


Can summer swine patients swim?

Summer, in the face of this scorching heat, many people like to swim to give yourself a temperature drop. Swimming not only can improve muscle quality, maintain joint health, but also benefit from cardiovascular health. But is it a ...Read More


what are the symptoms of high urea nitrogen?

what are the symptoms of high urea nitrogen?For high urea nitrogen symptoms we should pay attention to high urea nitrogen symptoms also affect our body, must learn early detection early treatment, do not delay the disease.urea high ...Read More


What does kidney protein overload mean?

Too much protein is also called renal proteinuria or albuminuria, through the urine is informed of the results. Most of the protein molecule is too large, not through the glomerular or renal filter. But the damage of the filter, th ...Read More


How do hemodialysis patients protect the arteriovenous fistula?

Hemodialysis is effective method for the treatment of uremia patient health, hemodialysis for uremic patients is an essential to life, it is very important to maintain good blood dialysis. Hemodialysis involves continuous dialysis ...Read More


Five small exercises to treat kidney deficiency

Kidney is a lot of people often problems, male kidney deficiency will lead to lack of energy, poor appetite, fertility difficulties, and female kidney will lead to menstrual disorders, menopause in advance, but also accompanied by ...Read More


After the kidney can be married and have children?

Can kidney disease be married? As long as the two sides are sincere, and ready to do the hardships, can be married, but also fertility, but before birth and your transplant doctors must work together to develop plans. Kidney transp ...Read More


What is the need for a care for chronic kidney disease?

We all know that any disease is the need for timely treatment, nephropathy is also can not be ignored, in fact, chronic kidney disease is one of them, treatment is not so easy, if the treatment can also adhere to care, or can be a ...Read More


Hydronephrosis can not eat any fruit

Hydronephrosis is a kidney disease, not only affect the function of the kidneys, but also may lead to hydronephrosis in patients with systemic edema, However, the hydronephrosis is not impossible to cure the disease, we usually nee ...Read More


What can Lupus nephritis not eat?

For any disease, dietary taboos are often a guarantee of treatment. So, for kidney disease, lupus nephritis can not eat what? What should be taboo on the diet? Lupus nephritis patients in the daily diet is certainly different from ...Read More


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