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The principle of medication for chronic pyelonephritis

Dec 24, 2016
A lot of people on their own health concerns are not many, in order to have a good body, should actively learn some common sense of the disease, especially renal nephritis, as man to a vital organ, in case of injury, there will be serious consequences if unfortunately suffering from nephritis to timely detection and timely treatment. So, what are the early symptoms of nephritis? The following is the specific introduction of experts, I hope to help you.
At present, the number of patients with chronic pyelonephritis has increased, we should be early prevention and treatment of chronic pyelonephritis. Through the introduction of relevant personnel, we learned that the principle of medication is what the disease, by many people's attention.
The disease patients should know, focus on the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis medication as soon as possible to eliminate pathogens, promote impaired renal tissue recovery. While actively looking for predisposing factors, but in addition, is the premise of effective antibacterial therapy. Such as the surgical treatment of hypertrophy of the prostate, the urinary tract obstruction can be removed and can be more effective in treating pyelonephritis. Expert
Home, antibacterial principle for the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis:
(1) selection of antibiotics: regular urine bacterial culture and colony count, and reference to the results of drug sensitivity test to select the most sensitive antibiotics. Because pathogenic bacteria is stubborn, use 2 - to 3 kinds of antibiotic jointly to be good.
(2): the course of treatment is the key to the success of the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis, not adequate medication, even if the original effective treatment, often can not completely remove bacteria and cultivate resistant bacteria, the bacteria get respite, once the conditions are suitable, can relapse, persistent disease. Therefore, chronic pyelonephritis acute, take medicine according to the principle of treatment of acute pyelonephritis, the total course of not less than 4 weeks.
Kidney hospital experts said that if the clinical symptoms are controlled, can stop observation, general monthly review urine routine and urine bacterial culture, a total of six months. If there is still bacteria in urine, long-term low dose antibacterial therapy can be used, the specific method is: every night before going to bed after taking a single dose of oral antibiotics, the dose of daily dose of 1/3 - 1/2. Antibacterial drugs can choose 3 - 4 for a group of circulating use, so that side effects can be reduced to a minimum, but also to prevent the generation of drug resistance, but also to achieve good antibacterial effect. Treatment is inconclusive, available 4 months, 6 months, or even 1 years.
Here, to remind you, if improper use, is likely to endanger life, suggest that chronic pyelonephritis patients as soon as possible to the specialist hospital.

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