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Nephritis hematuria is not high Crescent

Dec 24, 2016
Nephritis hematuria is not high Crescent

Nephritis hematuria high is also a friend of patients is very concerned about the problem, many nephritis patients also only clear proteinuria and hematuria problems, crescent body situation is not very clear. This phenomenon is relatively difficult to find, patients in daily life must pay special attention to.
In view of the high nephritis hematuria are crescentic according to the patient's own situation to decide to deal with this problem, nephritis patients have a clear understanding, so as not to know in how to deal with, crescent is a kind of image that focuses on the analysis of influence on renal inflammation crescentic hematuria high, strict said the pathological type of nephritis is not this type of nephritis, nephritis in five types, this phenomenon has appeared in the two stage, more to the type of late, this phenomenon is more obvious. It can be said that from the beginning of the two stage is crescentic glomerulonephritis, and nephritis hematuria solution under the indissoluble bound high. About IgA nephritis treatment of this phenomenon can not be exhaustive, here only a brief talk about the treatment of common drugs on this phenomenon of IgA nephritis. In general, in the IgA nephritis level, grade two to hematuria mainly, and in the level three and after the level of proteinuria may appear.
Patients with Crescentic Nephritis Hematuria appear high must be taken seriously, and must be timely treatment, so as to avoid more serious injury, glucocorticoid and cyclophosphamide in the treatment of IgA nephritis, many studies have confirmed that the hormone can reduce IgA nephritis proteinuria, but these studies did not answer what can treat pathological type hormone serious crescent the body of IgA nephritis. Recently, micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy, on the basis of the use of hormone, cyclophosphamide and other commonly used western medicine treatment of complications, the focus of protection of renal function of the patients, can fundamentally repair damaged kidney tissue, reduce the leakage of protein and red blood cell, so that the proteinuria and hematuria disappeared. As long as the place for kidney tissue repair, proteinuria, hematuria patients is not easy to relapse, because of proteinuria and hematuria and renal tissue will aggravate the burden of the disease, continuous deterioration, the deterioration of the condition will aggravate the pathological injury, general pathological damage more serious crescent is more obvious.

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