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The expert reminds nephritis patients need to convalesce

Dec 24, 2016
Department of nephropathy experts told nephritis patients, in the treatment of disease at the same time, rest is also the key. Many diseases are to have a good rest, there.
Conducive to the treatment of disease, nephritis is a kind of disease. Nephritis patients rest is particularly important. So in normal nephritis patients must rest more friends.
Beijing's best kidney hospital said, rest is a protective measure of the body. Is also one of the important treatment rehabilitation measures, basically all nephritis disease
People need rest, rest and time depending on the condition, depending on the recovery of several common clinical manifestations of nephritis.

Acute nephritis in early or patients with moderate edema, oliguria and gross hematuria, dizziness, headache, vomiting symptoms increased blood pressure, appear
Palpitation, shortness of breath, cough and other symptoms and other laboratory abnormalities and renal function in poor condition, suggesting that the patient is seriously ill, to absolute bed rest
To prevent further deterioration of the condition.
At the same time symptomatic treatment, symptoms can be improved after bed activities, walking, symptoms disappear gradually increase the amount of activity, but still to rest, live
Can not move too much. General acute nephritis patients rest no less than 3 months.
Patients with chronic nephritis in the above symptoms disappear, kidney function examination can be engaged in light work, appropriate to participate in some physical exercise to enhance the machine
Body disease prevention and disease resistance, but to avoid excessive physical labor, and pay attention to regular routine urine and tight functional status checks.
Experts also point out that resting is not equivalent to lying quietly. Appropriate activities are also necessary. This to a certain extent can also enhance nephritis
Patient's physical quality. So nephritis patients reasonable arrangements for their daily life, is an important guarantee for the treatment of nephritis.
A large number of Department of nephropathy experts in-depth study for treatment of nephropathy, treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, renal insufficiency, chronic renal failure, nephrotic
Syndrome, IgA nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy and other nephropathy. Department of nephropathy in the field of treatment of nephropathy stand out, is currently a country using ultra low frequency electric pulse
Treatment of kidney disease in the hospital, the treatment was named as the treatment of patients in the field of kidney disease scientific, effective, green method. Ultra low frequency electric pulse technology for many suffering
Bring the gospel.
The above is the Department of nephropathy experts on nephritis to introduce, hope to attract the attention of patients with nephritis, pay attention to rest in treatment at the same time, for the early
Stay away from disease!

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