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Vigilant concealed nephritis, and strive to find early

May 12, 2017

Occult nephritis is a manifestation of chronic glomerulonephritis.Its prominent feature is the patient without any clinical symptoms, but urine routine test is not normal, such as urine protein test positive, urinary occult blood test positive,Continuous or repeated microscopic hematuria, phase contrast microscopic examination showed a large number of deformed red blood cells.If the renal biopsy, renal tissue structure can be found on the pathological changes, such as glomerular mesangial proliferation.
Due to the occurrence and development of occult nephritis is very subtle, resulting in the disease can not be early detection, the majority of patients with occult nephritis and therefore the loss of timely treatment of the time. This is in fact different from any of its development. Some patients after a number of years (also may be more than ten years or decades) of recessive development after the evolution of renal failure, and even uremia. Clinically often see a lot of patients once discovered, into the stage of chronic renal failure. Asked the history of patients, patients often denied that suffering from nephritis. Among the patients with chronic renal failure, a considerable number of patients were patients with occult nephritis. If early detection, early treatment, renal failure can be avoided.
How can we find out whether they are suffering from occult nephritis? Should regularly do urine routine examination. Many units of the staff of the unit every year for routine physical examination, and indeed there are patients in the routine examination found proteinuria or microscopic hematuria, and then further examination of the diagnosis of nephritis. However, there are many units of routine physical examination is not urine routine examination. this is not right. All units should conduct annual routine medical examination, all annual routine examination should include urine routine examination, so that patients with occult nephritis can be timely detection and timely treatment.
As the nephritis often secondary to the cold, after infection, therefore, it is recommended that anyone suffering from colds or infectious diseases after 1 to 2 weeks, pay attention to observe the changes in urine, and timely urine routine examination.
More and more clinical evidence shows that occult nephritis in children and adolescents in the higher incidence. Parents should pay close attention to their children. A simple way is: if the urine after splashing a lot of bubbles, like beer or washing powder like water, and the bubble lingering, it may be proteinuria signal; if the urine color is like washing water, that is Gross hematuria It is recommended to bring their own urinary protein test paper and urinary occult test paper, it is convenient to self test in the family. If in doubt, it should be promptly to the hospital for examination, if necessary, to do kidney puncture diagnosis. Especially in the family of patients with kidney disease, to raise awareness is even more essential.

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