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How is concealed nephritis treated with traditional Chinese

Dec 24, 2016
Occult nephritis patients, characteristics such as the name, no obvious symptoms in clinical, but the performance of persistent mild proteinuria and recurrent or persistent hematuria, it is also known as asymptomatic proteinuria and (or) hematuria. Most of the patients had no obvious symptoms and signs, only some patients may have backache, fatigue, and atypical hematuria. But renal fibrosis is still deteriorating, and if not given effective treatment, it will gradually develop into more severe uremia. So, how is this concealed nephritis treated with traditional Chinese medicine? The following three points are more common:
The etiology and pathogenesis of this disease of spleen and kidney 1 protein urine often the responsibility in the spleen and kidney qi deficiency, spleen failing to control kidney failing to store, not taking the kidney essence, the essence of leakage. Therefore, Qi, spleen, kidney, Gujing as the main law. Jianpi Huangqi and dangshen series of prescriptions, and in the spleen with astringent products. Such as, Gorgon, Rosa, dogwood, in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating the urinary protein.

2 heat clearing and detoxifying method occult nephritis as immune damage nephritis disease, in immune disease can appear heat card. This treatment, in addition to progressive external treatment (direct elimination of pathogens, eliminate toxins), still need internal treatment, that is to improve or mediate the body's immune function, in order to enhance or improve the body's resistance to disease treatment. Pharmacological research, dampness detoxification drugs have happened to this role.
3 from the blood stasis while forget, but there will be bleeding stasis, and long into the network, long will stasis, the treatment of this disease should be used for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, blood stasis to stop, hematuria. It has been reported that, blood stasis are the pathological formation of glomerular disease in the process of development, is also the pathogenesis complex, a pathogenic factor of lingering illness, so the therapy of activating blood circulation to improve the clinical curative effect of the basic elements.
The above content many patients will choose the method of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, after all, is the essence of Chinese culture, many people still trust Chinese medicine treatment methods, methods of TCM treatment of chronic occult nephritis, can at any time according to the changes of their symptoms, improve the treatment, do an antidote against the disease occult nephritis, a Chinese medicine treatment method the patient can go to a regular hospital consultation, allow doctors to do a detailed introduction for you.

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