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Traditional Chinese medicine on nephritis awareness and gene

Dec 24, 2016
Chinese medicine called slow kidney wind, western medicine called glomerulonephritis, saying different, anyway, is now we say nephritis.

For chronic kidney wind, most of the Department of acute renal wind persistent, healthy atmosphere gradually empty, the evils of love, persistent symptoms, or edema, lumbago or weakness, dizziness, or hematuria, and examination and hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension etc.. The old Chinese medicine treatment of chronic kidney wind characteristics, treatment of chronic kidney wind stress urinary occult blood Qi and blood, regulating qi and, according to the patient and clip or compatibility of qingrelishi; emphasize darryu Tongyu, for the general, and consider the larynx and kidney related, with appropriate solutions to Woolley swallow poison, Yang deficiency and temperature tonifying spleen and kidney, removing blood stasis and diuresis, blood nourishing, slow convergence hemostatic, with Zhibaidihuang decoction, and make good use of convergence stasis hemostatic, such as catechol, halloysite. Chronic kidney wind "Yin with dampness and heat, like to use kidney spleen, treatment of chronic nephritis proteinuria is commonly used in gas gasification, Xuanfei wind medicine, very effective. Treatment of hematuria from thirst, drinking water for hot night on coke, thermal forcing blood, with five water chestnutsdisperse Qing coke under the hot junction, help bladder gasification, and supplemented by Liangxue hemostatic effect, and with the sun ephedra, gypsum, use unique, thought-provoking.
In conclusion, various methods have their own characteristics, but they have a common characteristic, from certain aspects of viscera symptoms inferred acute renal dysfunction, short duration and wind, wind heat toxin, and related with the damp wind; Manshen long course, with kidney yin and Yang Qi, and the hot forged on coke.

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