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Treatment of Latent Glomerulonephritis

Jun 08, 2017

Treatment of Latent Glomerulonephritis requires selection according to the course of the disease and the condition of the patient. The expert opinions of this period will explain the treatment of Latent Glomerulonephritis for you, and will help you choose the proper way to overcome the disease at an early date.
Asymptomatic proteinuria or hematuria, urinary protein loss is not much (1 - 2 g / day), can be given to the general diet, slightly limited salt. But if the urine protein loses more, or has the hematuria, the protein lowly, the nitrogen free blood stasis, may increase the protein quality in the diet suitably. In addition to the normal supply of 1 grams per kilogram of body weight per day, it is also necessary to consider increasing the quality of the protein lost in urine. But according to the recent view, long-term high protein load aggravates kidney burden and accelerates kidney function deterioration.
Under normal circumstances, asymptomatic hematuria or (proteinuria), clinical edema, hypertension, kidney function is normal, pathological type is usually better, prognosis is better than chronic nephritis. But since extensive renal biopsies have been carried out in recent years, new insights have been made about such patients. Some of the patients are not consistent with clinical and pathological findings, and may even be diffuse or chronic sclerosing glomerulopathy. Such patients are likely to delay treatment if they are not subjected to a pathological examination. Therefore, the prognosis of patients with asymptomatic hematuria or proteinuria should be objectively judged according to clinical and pathological conditions. For no clinical performance, but the pathological changes were obviously serious and should be given the appropriate treatment of strong.
In the course of taking medicine and acupuncture, the amount of urination and urination is frequent, and the amount of urine is large. The maximum amount of night is (20:00~, 1500ML, 8:00 the next day). A urine test found that the urine protein was normal, the rest. After three months four times in the hospital are urine proteinuria was normal, the rest." Kidney cold, loose stool, especially night urine 4~5. Taking Jinshuibao with Huangkui capsule. The last two months: urine proteinuria (-), the rest is normal. But the eyelids have been swollen, right leg felt numbness, even if the urine protein negative, the situation is no better. Maybe the weather is getting hot, no longer cold, and shit is forming. Want to know if this condition is chronic nephritis? Is the curative effect of Chinese traditional medicine better? It is a chronic hidden nephritis, which is not controlled in time and has the possibility of developing chronic renal failure. To prevent disease, which lead to disease, to suggest the best Decoction of Chinese medicine conditioning, this can give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine inpidualized treatment!
Doctor online remind you: Hidden glomerulonephritis treatment effect is better, but the patient is difficult to be aware of the disease. If you can not tell whether it is normal or abnormal, you should call the doctor to help you as soon as possible. Once the diagnosis is made, the treatment of Latent Glomerulonephritis should be carried out immediately so as not to delay the disease.

Treatment of Latent Glomerulonephritis

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