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How to exercise nephritis patients

Dec 24, 2016
Under normal circumstances, nephritis patients need quiet rest at the same time, with the doctor's treatment. In particular, patients with chronic nephritis, it is best to reduce physical labor, so as to play a protective role in nephritis. Whether acute nephritis or chronic nephritis, abnormal period must rest in bed, so as to play a protective role in renal function.

Appropriate exercise is conducive to nephritis patients with their own immunity, enhance appetite, improve physical fitness, reduce often become nephritis induced exacerbations of cold disease, thus avoiding the deterioration of nephritis. At the same time, exercise is conducive to the circulation of Qi and blood, can reduce collateral stasis, improve systemic blood circulation, indirectly play a role in the protection of renal function. And excessive physical exercise, can make people tired, anti body resistance can be reduced, induced cold, or nephritis exacerbations.
There are many ways in which the movement of the bed, including indoor sports, outdoor sports, walking, walking, running, biking, do anbocao, patients can according to the specific condition, step by step, and gradually increase the amount of exercise the principle of discretion. Data show: 30 minutes walk about 418.4 joules of energy (100 kcal), trot and riding bicycles per hour 1255.2 joules per hour 1387.21 joules of energy to dance, the differences in energy consumption showed different movement patterns is great.
Phoenix Chinese medicine nephropathy experts pointed out that the movement of patients with nephritis principle, advocated a smaller energy consumption, environmental conditions require lower exercise is appropriate, such as running.
Warm tip: as a traditional fitness campaign, nephritis patients must choose carefully. Nephritis patients avoid Taijiquan exercise. To try to choose a relaxed, natural, gentle, smooth breathing sports, so nephritis patients can be beneficial harmless.

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