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How is latent glomerulonephritis treated?

Aug 15, 2017

Latent glomerulonephritis patients generally do not need drug treatment, should focus on maintenance. In daily life should pay attention to the following questions:

1, latent glomerulonephritis patients should be appropriate exercise, enhance resistance, to avoid cold and a variety of cold infections, such as infection, should actively control the infection.

2, latent glomerulonephritis patients should avoid too tired, the patient can work normally, but should avoid heavy physical labor.

3, latent glomerulonephritis patients should always test blood pressure, and regular urine test, 24-hour urine protein quantitative, renal function and renal ultrasound, real-time detection of their condition, such as disease progression (such as protein increased, Blood pressure or renal dysfunction, etc.), to be active treatment.

4, latent glomerulonephritis patients should avoid the use of any damage to the kidneys of drugs, because of any disease to the hospital for treatment, have to tell the doctor himself have kidney disease, to remind the doctor not prescription may exist nephrotoxic drugs.

5, part of the recurrence of tonsillitis patients, in the acute inflammation control after tonsillectomy, can reduce the incidence of hematuria in patients.

Latent glomerulonephritis without special treatment. Prevent colds, do not tired, avoid using nephrotoxic drugs, regular review of urine and renal function. If repeated episodes of chronic tonsillitis, kidney disease can be stable in the case of removal of tonsils.

How is latent glomerulonephritis treated?

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