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Women with nephritis can be pregnant

Dec 24, 2016
Women with nephritis, according to the condition of nephritis and kidney function, to determine the feasibility of pregnancy.

Chronic nephritis, also known as chronic glomerulonephritis, clinical manifestations of proteinuria, edema, hypertension. Kidney function should pay special attention to. Long course of chronic nephritis, pregnancy is not uncommon. After pregnancy, kidney burden, prone to these symptoms, patients often feel depressed, limb weakness, dizziness and hypopsia, there may be severe chronic renal failure and uremia. Because pregnancy increased the burden of the kidney, easily complicated by pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, often aggravate kidney damage. If nephritis is inactive, only a small amount of pure proteinuria, not accompanied by high blood pressure, pregnancy can not aggravate kidney damage. According to the different degree of nephritis lesions, fetal development also has different effects. Chronic nephritis with increased blood pressure, often associated with the dysfunction of placenta, fetal blood supply can occur, intrauterine growth retardation, stillbirth, perinatal mortality. Severe nephritis pregnant women, the fetal mortality rate of up to 50%, thus, women suffering from nephritis can be pregnant, there are several situations:
A woman suffering from chronic nephritis, if the renal function has been basically normal, a small amount of urine protein (trace or "+"), and a period of stable period, can be pregnant. But should pay attention to rest, increase nutrition, eat protein containing foods, add enough vitamins, diet should be light, not too salty. Pay attention to increase body resistance, avoid infection, regular check renal function. Each prenatal examination should observe edema, weight gain, blood pressure, urine protein, etc.. Only a small amount of proteinuria and not accompanied by elevated blood pressure, pregnancy intensive care, careful care, pregnancy outcomes are generally good.
Two, chronic nephritis with elevated blood pressure of women, unfavorable pregnancy. There are about 75% pregnant patients complicated with severe gestational hypertension syndrome, premature birth and stillbirth rate is extremely high. When the nephritis of pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, caused by preeclampsia and eclampsia, the blood pressure is very high and accompanied by headache, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and even convulsions etc.. Eclampsia threatens life in pregnant and fetal life. At this time in addition to active treatment, often to terminate pregnancy, to reduce the burden of heart and kidney.
Three, chronic nephritis if kidney function is not normal, urine protein increased, reached "+ +", "from" elevated blood urea nitrogen or creatinine, to prevent the occurrence of renal failure. Such patients, not pregnant. If it is an early pregnancy, abortion should be done. If confirmed chronic nephritis, the best sterilization time after pregnancy. Even if the first pregnancy unfortunately died, do not risk pregnancy again. Clinical has proved that every time a pregnancy, will make nephritis exacerbations, and shorten the life of patients.
Four, the supply of adequate vitamin K: due to more limited food intake of fruits and vegetables will reduce, vitamin intake significantly reduced, prone to vitamin deficiency, should supplement vitamin preparations, especially vitamin C against allergic reactions beneficial, should not be less than 300 mg per day.
Five, limit the amount of liquid: according to the amount of urine every day to control the amount of liquid intake. The general supplementary method is to supplement the day before the discharge of urine, more liquid intake 500 ml ~ 1000 ml. If the amount of urine or accompanied by edema, the daily intake of liquid should not exceed 1000 ml.
Six, the supply amount of energy and fat: acute glomerulonephritis patients should rest in bed, but the heat is not too high, not fat, adult daily about 105 thousand ~ 126 thousand joules (25 thousand ~ 30 thousand joules card card) per kg of body weight. The main sources of energy for starch and fat accounted for about 90% of total energy. Should eat more polyunsaturated fatty acids rich in oils and fats, that is to say vegetable oil based.

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