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What can cause chronic interstitial nephritis

Dec 24, 2016
Let's take a look at the how to determine the disease, "- source said:" the Marquis "gonorrhea Neisseria, by kidney and bladder is also hot....... Kidney deficiency is the number of urination, bladder heat is underwater astringent, number and astringent, then Lek drain is not declared, it is called drench." Virtual work and virtual self endogenous, to gradually, due to long-term damage, poison or dirty gas on the decline. See gasification weakness, polyuria, nocturia, such as "Prescriptions" said: "if the government is cold, slippery and white bubble urine number. If the night is very partial to urine, the night in the life of yin." If the spleen and kidney, shut off the grid of the grid, a disease.

1 exogenous evils because of repeat offenders repeat offenders, kidney deficiency is more, each because of fatigue, caused stranguria, is to work with the. Labor drench unceasingly, eventually cause spleen kidney damage.
2 toxic renal injury long-term use of certain drugs or exposure to environmental toxins, due to meridian, addicted to kidney injury, although the beginning is not sleep, endless, the days and months multiplying, kidney exhaustion, spleen and kidney damage.
3 lack of endowment and some disease birthright is congenitally deficient, some lack of endowment, physical weakness, viscera function disorder, prone to kidney disease, kidney damage.
Etiology of chronic interstitial nephritis in Western Medicine
1 obstructive renal disease following renal obstruction is the primary cause of more than half of interstitial nephritis.
2 analgesic induced renal damage.
3 chronic (non obstructive pyelonephritis) without obstruction or other primary causes of kidney disease, kidney caused by bacterial infection of chronic pyelonephritis is a rare cause of chronic renal failure.
4 immune interstitial injury of interstitial interstitial and related structures may be an important contributing factor in some chronic kidney disease.
5 Balkan nephropathy is a chronic progressive interstitial disease with insidious onset and unknown etiology, confined to the The Danube basin.
6 idiopathic interstitial nephritis of about 10% of patients with interstitial nephritis can not find the cause of the disease.
These are also some of the common knowledge of part-time kidney it, hoping to help you, is willing to get treatment and recovery soon.

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