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How to prevent nephritis?

Jan 25, 2018

Nephritis mainly manifested as fatigue, waist pain, anorexia, gross hematuria, edema, hypertension, renal dysfunction, decreased urine output (in some patients with oliguria), congestive heart failure. Nephritis prevention should prevent the emergence of these symptoms, if the above symptoms should be promptly treated to avoid the occurrence of nephritis. How to prevent nephritis?

How to prevent nephritis?

Sore throat prurigo, tonsillitis, have the possibility of causing nephritis, so sick to treatment as soon as possible. If patients with recurrent tonsillitis then ask patients to be careful, throat or tonsils infected by streptococcal, be sure to cure, otherwise easily lead to kidney inflammation.

Maintain the health of the next shade, often changing clothes to prevent urinary tract infections; prevent constipation, regular bowel movements, to help eliminate metabolic waste.

The incidence of nephritis and respiratory pathogens and more related to the cold and wind heat, dampness, or the heat of the heat of the main reasons. Therefore, the prevention of nephritis, should pay attention to changes in the cold weather, reduce rainy weather to go out, wear wet clothes to prevent the invasion of exogenous pathogens.

How to prevent nephritis? Through the introduction of the above content, I believe we all have a certain understanding. Nephritis prevention must be to maintain good habits and eating habits, suffer from the disease to be treated as soon as possible. If you have other questions, you can consult our online doctor or give us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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