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What are the differential diagnosis of occult nephritis?

Feb 13, 2018

Occult nephritis early symptoms are not obvious, the clinical manifestations of "asymptomatic proteinuria" or "simple hematuria." What are the differential diagnosis of occult nephritis?

Functional proteinuria

High fever, after intense physical activity, due to renal vasospasm or ph value decreased, increased permeability of the glomerular wall, can cause proteinuria, but remove the cause disappeared after strenuous exercise, some patients appear naked or microscopic Hematuria, but stopped shortly after exercise disappeared.

Location proteinuria

About 5% of adolescents, significant proteinuria when standing up, generally not accompanied by microscopic hematuria. Urine protein disappeared in the supine position, the exact mechanism of disposition proteinuria is not clear, some abnormal glomerular proteinuria have abnormal changes.

Iga nephropathy

Clinically, repeated episodes of hematuria as the main performance, often due to upper respiratory tract infection or fatigue, cold several hours to several days after the cause of hematuria aggravated or gross hematuria, incentives to eliminate, gross hematuria also disappeared, and returned to the original level, no edema , No hypertension, no blood biochemistry and renal dysfunction, only a few patients can be manifested as acute nephritic syndrome, hypertension, and eventually develop renal dysfunction, but the diagnosis is still based on renal biopsy.

What are the differential diagnosis of occult nephritis?

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