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Got nephritis to cannot eat what

Dec 24, 2016
Got nephritis to cannot eat what? Detailed some include fruit, vegetable respect, what cannot eat? What can eat? In order to better help patients with nephritis treatment, the following specific answer for everyone: nephritis can not eat what we want to help. Of course, in the know nephritis can not eat what at the same time, we also hope to actively regulate the treatment, conditioning can not be completely dependent on food, and delaying the disease. Well, here we specifically can not eat what nephritis!

What early nephritis can not eat? What early nephritis can not eat? General nephritis patients will know such as wine, tea and coffee can not touch, as well as a variety of condiments such as onions, ginger, garlic, curry, mustard, pepper and various spices; volatile oil containing many vegetables, such as fennel, celery, leek, radish.
What food nephritis can not eat? Those who tend to be ignored in the nephritis patients, such as diet should not eat spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth, and beans and bean products, animal offal and chicken soup, broth, nephritis can not eat fried food, easy to aggravate the patient's condition that nephritis. Have high blood pressure, high creatinine and edema, nephritis is what cannot eat? "Asked nephritis patients high creatinine, nephritis what cannot eat?" if that is the case, that the severity of kidney damage in patients with nephritis, the number and types of not eating also increased, the more need extra attention, ask what can eat what nephritis, nephritis can not eat, make a diet plan according to the illness, to alleviate the condition, shorten the treatment time.
There may be nephritis patients, salt must be controlled, it is more than we know, for some of the high salt content of food was illustrated, but the high potassium content of food is also at this time "nephritis can not eat what" one of the most important points, the need to pay close attention to the.
Nephritis patient can not eat high creatinine potassium content of the food, such as letinous edodes, amaranth, spinach, broccoli, spinach, bamboo shoots, carrot, pumpkin, tomato, mustard, pomegranate, peach, loquat, orange, orange, persimmon, and other hard Gautama, and avoid eating raw vegetables such as coffee and tea; it chicken, cattle, extract, ginseng extract, concentrated broth, soy sauce, salt, soy sauce, thin salt, salt and other salt half generation potassium content is also high. When cooking food, first with boiling water burns, remove the soup and then fried in oil, can reduce the intake of potassium.
Again, this time also need to diet taboo nephritis dairy products, soda, cola, yeast (Jian Su sugar), visceral, dry beans, whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat bread), eggs, dried fish should also be careful to avoid eating.

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