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Some complications of Latent Glomerulonephritis

Dec 29, 2016
There was no obvious complication in this disease. If the clinical manifestations of hematuria with proteinuria, often a typical manifestation of glomerular disease, also common in the non stationary (progressive) glomerular disease. Because it is not accompanied by hypertension, edema and renal dysfunction, the general clinical symptoms are mild and no obvious complications
. In addition, asymptomatic hematuria and proteinuria can remain unchanged for a long time, and if it is an early manifestation of a disease, the clinical manifestations of the disease will occur as the disease progresses. At this point, it is not suitable for the diagnosis of Latent Glomerulonephritis, and should be diagnosed as the corresponding disease, such as glomerular
Micro lesions, mild mesangial proliferative nephritis, focal proliferative glomerulonephritis, IgA nephropathy and early membranous nephropathy.

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