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Hidden glomerulonephritis can generally cure you

Dec 24, 2016
Most patients with Latent Glomerulonephritis have such concerns that the disease can be cured, of course, yes, as long as early detection and targeted treatment, then you can restore health.
Kidney hospital experts said that almost all patients with occult glomerulonephritis urine protein are positive, less than 20% of patients with nephrotic syndrome. 80% of patients had hypertension, mainly related to water sodium retention. Continuous blood pressure does not fall, more suggestive of severe kidney lesions. The majority of patients with onset of oliguria, urinary volume of <500ml/d, and thus lead to hypoxemia, with the increase in urine output, nitrogen and blood quality recovery. A small number of patients developed non urine, and diuretic renal function does not restore, all indicate poor prognosis.

Then the latent glomerulonephritis can be cured? When treating with occult glomerulonephritis, first of all is to use western medicine, for patients with acute phase, are required after the onset of bed rest, until the gross hematuria disappeared, edema, restore normal blood pressure, serum creatinine returned to normal after the party a slight activity, but to close follow-up, if the condition changes, still need to stay in bed. Diet should pay attention to the appropriate protein, 1g/kg/d, too restrictive or increased intake are not conducive to the recovery of the kidney. There is edema and hypertension should be given low salt (2 ~ 3g/d) and salt free diet; for edema and oliguria, should strictly limit the intake of water. Some patients with Latent Glomerulonephritis need low potassium diet. Another intake of vitamin rich diet. The general method is not very effective, so the use of methods of traditional Chinese medicine, by targeting, direct effects of lesions in glomerulonephritis patients with kidney, renal basement membrane repair, restore the function of the kidney, the protein and occult blood disappear, due to the long-term efficacy of Chinese medicine active substance, has improved no recurrence characteristics. Should pay attention to in life: avoid colds, infections, fatigue. In the diet should be noted: low salt, low-fat, high-quality low protein diet. Avoid alcohol, spicy.
In understanding the hidden glomerulonephritis can cure this problem, hope patients can ignite hope, with a positive attitude to treatment, experts say good mentality can promote the recovery of the patient's condition.

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