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Male chronic glomerulonephritis can not be in the same room

Dec 24, 2016
Chronic glomerulonephritis referred to as chronic nephritis, the majority of young male patients. Today we will answer the patient question.
Chronic nephritis is a type of nephropathy with progressive deterioration of the disease. Early stage of chronic nephritis, mild symptoms, patients with no obvious discomfort, it is difficult to cause nephritis patients enough attention. However, chronic nephritis delayed illness and failed to effectively control, the condition will continue to deteriorate, the final outcome is renal failure, uremia.
The etiology of chronic nephritis is unclear, its pathogenesis is similar to acute nephritis, is an autoimmune reaction process. However, the mechanism of chronic process is unclear, which may be related to some immune function defects. Immune function defects can be decreased so that the body resistance to infection, cause repeated microbial invasion, the body can not produce enough antibodies, to remove pathogenic substances (Kang Yuan), that Kang Yuan can stay in the body, and the formation of immune complex deposition in the kidney tissues, produce chronic inflammatory process.
In addition, non immune mediated renal injury in the occurrence and development of chronic nephritis may also play an important role, such as intact nephron compensatory serum perfusion pressure, glomerular capillary pressure and filtration membrane pressure, which can lead to glomerular sclerosis. Disease in the process of hypertension, long-standing, can cause renal artery stenosis, occlusion, accelerate glomerular sclerosis.
In general should pay attention to according to the condition of moderate reduction in sexual life, the rest kidney, taking medication for the same time, quick recovery. Because at this time the kidney is a kidney disease, itself has been damaged, if in the room because of labor and increase its damage is not conducive to recovery.

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