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Method for treating proteinuria of chronic glomerulonephriti

Dec 24, 2016
At present, the treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis proteinuria is not a lot of patients in the daily life of friends must be prepared to prevent. And must be reasonable to rest, pay attention to their body, regular regular hospital for health examination, is a great guarantee for the body.
Understand the symptoms and causes of chronic nephritis of this disease is of great help for the treatment of proteinuria of chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis, refers to various causes of different pathological types of bilateral glomerular diffuse or focal inflammation, clinical onset and long course, a group of primary glomerular disorders may slow development. That the etiology of chronic glomerulonephritis, is caused by bacteria and viruses or protozoa infection etc.. Most people think that chronic nephritis is composed of acute glomerulonephritis uncurable transformed, in fact, only a minority of chronic nephritis by acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis in direct to the vast majority of chronic nephritis in other primary glomerular diseases directly in development results.

Kidney disease hospital experts, patients with chronic nephritis proteinuria are the most common phenomenon, so the treatment of proteinuria of chronic glomerulonephritis is critical, so the treatment of chronic nephritis especially for treatment of proteinuria, renal cells need to repair the damaged treatment as the starting point. The Guiyuan Kangxian Yishen therapy in the treatment of renal cells by repairing the damaged place, especially on the repair of residual glomerular epithelial cells in place after the glomerular selective filtration function can be restored, once the selective filtration function have been restored, can stop the leakage of protein to restore function. So long as in place for repair of damaged epithelial cells, patients with urinary protein leakage will be gradually reduced, to repair damaged glomerular epithelial cells is a long process, there is a certain objective repair law, proteinuria disappeared the long-term curative effect of anti fibrosis kidney Guiyuan therapy.
With more than the treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis proteinuria, chronic nephritis symptoms will not have recurrent signs, and the effect is very obvious.

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