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Kidney and ureter stone prevention measures???

Dec 30, 2016
Lifestyle changes can prevent and reduce the growth of the calculus and disease.Kidney stone has several kinds, once your physician to confirm your stone types, the following methods can help reduce the chance of recurrence.
"A lot of water
No matter your calculi belong to which kind of, the most important way of prevention is to increase water intake.Water can dilute the urine, and to prevent a high concentration of salts and minerals accumulate gallstones.Suitable water quantity is reached a day 2 litres of urine, if enough.If you work in the hot sun all day long, you need to drink 2 gallons of water.
Low adding cellulose
Add food, rice bran, can prevent the stones.
Low calcium intake control
Stones are in the pocket % is formed by calcium or calcium products.If you on one stone, mainly calcium ingredient, you have to pay attention to calcium intake.If you are taking nutritional supplements crystal, you first need to consult a physician if necessary.The second is to check every day foods rich in calcium intake, including milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products.Milk and antacids may produce kidney stones.
* check your stomach medicine
Some common antacids contain high amount of calcium.If you suffer from calcium stone, at the same time you also are taking antacids, should check the drug ingredients, to determine whether containing high calcium.If contains high calcium, should be to switch to other drugs.
"Don't eat foods high in oxalate
About 60% of the belongs to calcium oxalate stones.Therefore, we should limit intake foods high in oxalate, including beans, sugar beet, celery, chocolate, grape, green pepper, cilantro, spinach, strawberries and cabbage vegetables.Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, tea, chocolate, dried figs, lamb, stone fruit, green pepper, black tea, poppy seeds, etc.
Low activities more
Inactive people tend to make calcium deposition in the blood.Exercise helps calcium to which it belongs.Don't wait for stone formation of all day, should go to outside for a walk or exercise.
Low heat
In renal area hot compress, cupping, electrotherapy, can the pain.Often a hot bath, also is advantageous to the row of stone.
Second-ranking eat foods rich in vitamin A
Vitamin A is necessary to sustain the health of the urethra lining material, it also helps to prevent stone recurrence.Healthy adults, A day to absorb 5, O00 units (Iu) of vitamin A.A cup of carrot can provide 10055 Iu of vitamin A.Other foods rich in vitamin A are broccoli, apricots, melons and pumpkins, bovine liver.(vitamin A toxic in high doses. Why vitamin A supplementation before, should first by physicians agree.)
Low pay attention to the intake of protein
Kidney stones have direct link with protein intake.Protein easy to appear in the urine uric acid, calcium and phosphorus, leading to the formation of stones.If you've ever had a calcium stone, should pay special attention to whether the excessive protein intake, especially if you have too much uric acid or molecule in the records of acid calculi.Limit every day to eat 180 grams of high protein foods, including meat, cheese, chicken and fish.
When to eat less salt
If you have calcium stones, should reduce salt intake.Your daily salt intake should be reduced to 2-3 grams.
Low nutrition
1) magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride
500 milligrams a day.To reduce the absorption of calcium.The study found that a daily dose of magnesium, can reduce the recurrence rate of 90%.Because magnesium and calcium - kind, can combine with oxalic acid.But unlike calcium oxalate and oxalic acid magnesium is not form the pain of the stone.
(2) vitamin B6
10 mg, twice a day.And magnesium and B6 can reduce urine oxalic acid salt, this is common mineral salts in kidney stones.
(3) protein decomposing enzyme
Amount in accordance with product instructions, use between meals.Help digestion is normal.
(4) of vitamin A cream or capsule
25000 iu.Treatment of urethra lining membrane damaged by stones.
Avoid urinary amino acid L - low
If you have kidney stones medical records or are currently suffering from kidney stones. Avoid urinary amino acid L - blood.The accumulation of amino acid crystals in the kidneys, produce the large stones, blocked kidney internal.
Second-ranking eat watermelon
Watermelon is a natural diuretic.Want to often eat dish, and want to eat alone, not with other food.Watermelons are clean body function, but not in conjunction with other food to eat.
Low limit the amount of vitamin c
If you're prone to calcium oxalate stone formation, should limit the amount of vitamin c.More than 3 or 4 grams a day, may increase the manufacturing of oxalic acid, thus improve the calculi.Do not ingest high effectiveness of vitamin c supplements.
"Don't take too much vitamin D
Excessive amounts of vitamin D can lead to various parts of the body calcium accumulation.The daily intake of vitamin D had better not exceed 400 iu of RDA.

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