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There are two major categories of IgA nephropathy was:

Dec 31, 2016
1. The class before the blood in the urine is often associated with upper respiratory tract infection (tonsillitis, etc.), acute gastroenteritis or urinary tract infections, etc.In a short period of time after infection often appear to the naked eye hematuria (24-72 hours).Sometimes may be accompanied by mild systemic symptom, such as muscle pain, urinary pain and low back pain, low heat.
2. While another type of onset hidden, usually have no symptoms, mostly found in the urine occult blood positive when check-up, microscopic haematuria sustainable or discontinuity exists.Can be accompanied by mild proteinuria, but more than 24 hours urinary protein quantitative less than 1 g.
In addition to show the hematuria and proteinuria, IgA nephropathy can be characterized by nephrotic syndrome, even more in some patients with high blood pressure, eyelid face or lower limb edema, lumbar acid, fatigue, anemia, and other nonspecific symptoms onset, easy to be ignored and delayed diagnosis, miss early treatment opportunity.
The diagnosis of IgA nephropathy depends on renal biopsy and immunofluorescence tests.Renal biopsy for diagnosis of diseases, judgment, illness weight and determine treatment are very important.Many patients fear of renal biopsy, renal biopsy has been carried out in our country for many years, actually is a small operation, very small without too much concern.At the same time, each big mobile application market search - load "kidney disease good doctor", anytime, anywhere.
IgA nephropathy is a chronic progressive process more, about half of the patients can maintain good renal function for many years, part of the performance for patients with radical hypertension and acute renal failure, part of patients gradually developed into the chronic renal failure.Therefore, regular physical examination, early detection, diagnosis and standardize the treatment as soon as possible, it is very necessary.
Reports show that IgA nephropathy have familial, some genetic types in the family to show the probability of occurrence of a few taller than others.Genetic background has important influence on causes and clinical manifestations of IgA nephropathy, therefore have IgA nephropathy patients family members more physical examination should be paid attention to.

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