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Why recurrent IgA nephropathy

Dec 31, 2016
IgA nephropathy is one of the more common kidney disease, a lot of people for the treatment of the disease is not very understanding, it will directly lead to a lot of people at the beginning of the illness for the treatment of diseases not in time, causing the deterioration of the illness, so for the vast number of patients, do you know why repeated episodes of IgA nephropathy?
First of all, we learn about the IgA nephropathy patients with proteinuria, the principle of occult blood appear, then for pathology cannot be achieved to analyze the western medicine, Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy rehabilitation.
Immune complexes nephritis, the immune response is mainly through the circulating immune complex in situ immune complex in two ways, and make the polymer IgA deposition in the glomerular mesangial area, and the inherent glomerular cell damage.Its antigen mainly food, bacteria and viruses, complement activation is mainly through the bypass channels, IgA nephropathy is the main reason the immune reaction and mucosal immunity in patients with abnormal lack of clear antigen, and liver function abnormal IgA clearance, cause a large number of IgA retained in the body and is easy to deposit on the mesangial area, glomerular pathological change inherent cells, permeability enhancement, red blood cells, proteins, large molecules cannot intercept, leakage from the deformation of the glomerular filtration aperture, into the urine, thereby IgA nephropathy patients will appear to the naked eye, or check occurs, clinical proteinuria.
The current western medicine research level, if the simple application of western medicine, some patients can achieve slow disease progression, temporarily to urinary protein and occult blood overcast, but want to treat IgA nephropathy, IgA nephropathy gradually rehabilitation is quite difficult.This is the reason why IgA nephropathy repeatedly.Why do you say that?For the maximum effect of western medicine is in a short period of time the anti-inflammatory, anticoagulation, play "treats" utility, temporarily can't see from the index protein and occult blood abnormalities of the project, it is one of the characteristics of western medicine that suit the cure disease.
However in the western medicine has not can realize the reversal of damaged kidney inherent cells and repair the utility, so cannot get block renal fibrosis development process, still slowly, disease will increase as time goes on.Susceptible factors, such as cold, infection, diet, mood, proteinuria, occult blood will all come back.This is like a pot of boiling water, we pour a bowl of cold water, boiling phenomena will disappear for a period of time, the surface is calm, but due to the fire is not quenched the bottom of the pot, water will boil again.The utility only a bowl of water over a period of time to play the utility, not inhibit water boiling a long-term solution.

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