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So, self rehabilitation in patients with acute nephritis?

Dec 31, 2016
1, drink water more,
Water is the source of life, many diseases can be adjusted through proper drinking water.And keep the body of water, can promote the metabolism of waste discharge, reduce the toxic substances in the kidney of sedimentary, reduce the damage to the kidney.
2, more rest
Blood pressure in patients with acute nephritis edema happens more easily, cause complications such as high blood pressure.Therefore, early onset of acute glomerulonephritis need to adjust work and rest time, severe cases need to stay in bed.In addition, also need to increase or decrease in clothes, avoid cold aggravating illness.
3, adjust the diet
Frequently, edema, high blood pressure in patients with acute nephritis due to complications such as.Therefore, for their diet should also be attention.If patients with edema, need to reduce salt intake, can be changed to a low sodium diet.If you have high blood pressure symptoms, reduced protein intake.Therefore, patients with acute nephritis, should be inspected regularly to make the right diet plan.
4, the reasonable exercise
Physical exercise can improve the renal function, promote the metabolism of waste discharge, relieve acute nephritis of harm to the body.Patients can choose jogging, walking, tai chi and other slow movement of body and mind, to avoid strenuous exercise kidney burden.In addition, acute nephritis patients with early onset appear weak, more should pay attention to rest more.

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