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Renal artery embolization is caused by what reason?

Dec 31, 2016
(a) causes
Causes of renal artery embolism often is embolus from the heart or aorta such as rheumatism vegetations fall off or blood clot embolism after surgery.Half of the patients at the same time accompanied by other organs artery embolism.The leading cause of renal artery thrombosis and embolism causes include:
Blood clots in the 1.
(1) occur spontaneously: renal artery sclerosis;The aorta or renal artery aneurysms;Renal artery muscular fiber dysplasia;Renal artery inflammation (nodular polyarteritis, and multiple aorto arteritis occlusive thrombosis vasculitis and syphilis);Blood disease (antithrombin Ⅲ defects, sickle cell disease);High metabolic disease (familial hypercholesterolemia, cystine urine).
(2) secondary trauma: renal pedicle of blunt trauma;The aorta or renal arteriography;Percutaneous via cavity renal artery balloon expansion;Renal artery revascularization.Embolism in renal transplant recipients.
2. Embolism
(1) the heart embolus: atrial fibrillation;Artificial heart valves.After myocardial infarction, mural thrombus;Left atrial myxoma.
(2) the heart outside embolus: adipose embolus;Tumor emboli.Venous emboli by room or ventricular septal defect into the artery.
(2) pathogenesis
Renal artery thrombosis for vascular lesions or the increase of blood coagulation and spontaneously, the vascular trauma and secondary form.
Under certain conditions, the renal artery or its branches can be local thrombosis or be recycled embolus embolism, the artery thrombosis or embolus will cause renal ischemia after blockage, even induce renal infarction.

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