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Hepatitis B nephritis diet need to pay attention to what?

Hepatitis B nephritis refers to the disease of glomerular injury caused by HBV infection of the human body through immune response to form immune complexes. Here are some suggestions on hepatitis B nephritis diet, for your referenc ...Read More


Uremia does not mean death

Many people feel very scared when they hear uremia, thinking that their death is up. But in fact, uremia does not mean death. Currently effective treatment for uremia include kidney transplantation, hemodialysis and peritoneal dial ...Read More


Have pyelonephritis, these hazards do you know?

Pyelonephritis belongs to urinary tract infection in the upper urinary tract infection, for the harm of pyelonephritis, you know how much? Pyelonephritis if treated properly will bring great harm to patients, seriously affecting th ...Read More


What is the difference between chronic nephritis and primary hypertension and renal damage?

Chronic nephritis with increasing blood pressure should be differentiated from primary hypertension and renal damage. Primary hypertension associated with the age of onset of renal damage often after the age of 40, hypertension in ...Read More


How to prevent the onset of chronic nephritis?

Chronic nephritis tend to progressively develop, the natural course of change is very large, a considerable number of patients with the condition remained stable for many years, only a very small number of patients can relieve itse ...Read More


What is Lupus Nephritis Syndrome?

Lupus nephritis syndrome is a common disease of lupus erythematosus complication, the disease is extremely harmful, will cause different degrees of damage to the patients kidney and multiple body organs, the patients immune system ...Read More


How to prevent nephrotic syndrome in daily life

With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the amount of harmful substances we come into daily has been increasing. This has brought a lot of hidden dangers to our body. Our physical immunity has ...Read More


Care for Iga nephropathy patients

For IgA nephropathy, we must pay more attention to it. Because of IgA nephropathy, the harm caused to the body is very large, so we must do the treatment as soon as possible. However, we must remind everyone that if everyone does n ...Read More


Nephritis patients need to understand the initial common sense what?

Kidney failure is the most easily caused disease is nephritis, nephritis is a common disease, treatment unreasonable, causing serious complications, then what are the symptoms of nephritis in the early stages of onset? Then we come ...Read More


What are the dietary care measures for patients with pyelonephritis?

In addition to the correct treatment, daily and reasonable diet for patients with pyelonephritis treatment also played a key role, but often many patients with pyelonephritis and their families are ignored this point, salty and hig ...Read More


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