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What is the taboo of mild glomerulonephritis?

We know that no matter what disease needs diet with the treatment of nephropathy is no exception, which mild glomerulonephritis need to strictly limit the salt, limit the plant protein, limit spicy food, limit the high purine food, ...Read More


What is the treatment of allergic purpura nephritis in children?

Children with allergic purpura nephritis in the presence of life, to the patients health caused great harm, we must pay attention to early treatment. What is the treatment of allergic purpura nephritis in children? Here is the expl ...Read More


What are the causes of allergic purpura nephritis?

Allergic purpura nephritis is a very common kind of kidney disease, to the patients body has brought serious damage, then, the cause of purpuric nephritis are those? Only understand this problem can be better for the treatment, The ...Read More


What are the characteristics of chronic glomerulonephritis caused by hypertension?

Patients with previous history of acute glomerulonephritis. Repeated edema, proteinuria, and often accompanied by anemia, hypoproteinemia and azotemia. Retinopathy is not obvious. Proteinuria and microscopic hematuria appear before ...Read More


Children with chronic glomerulonephritis inherited?

Chronic nephritis is due to immune compliance in the glomerular abnormal deposition, resulting in glomerular basement membrane damage, leading to occult blood, protein leakage, in the clinical manifestations of proteinuria and hema ...Read More


Pregnancy with chronic glomerulonephritis generally found?

Urine routine examination: often before pregnancy or pregnancy 20 weeks before the continued proteinuria and found the disease in the kidney type of urine protein up. Chronic nephritis late, most of the destruction of glomerular, p ...Read More


Glomerulonephritis this kidney disease will be infected?

The cause of glomerulonephritis is varied, the development of glomerulonephritis is relatively slow, different periods of the symptoms are different, most patients are accompanied by proteinuria; the current glomerulonephritis more ...Read More


Chronic nephritis hypothyroidism What are the symptoms?

Hypothyroidism and nephritis have serous effusion, but hypothyroidism plasma protein normal, and nephritis plasma protein is low. A reduction in patients with edema often accompanied by cold, low appetite, rough skin, slow heart ra ...Read More


Care of chronic nephritis patients should pay attention to what diet?

Kidney is an important urinary organ, chronic nephritis is the most common disease affecting renal function, easy to relapse, more difficult to cure. Chronic nephritis caused by decreased renal function on the impact of human healt ...Read More


Causes of Hypertension in Patients with Acute Glomerulonephritis

About 80% of patients with acute glomerulonephritis may be high blood pressure, usually mild to moderate hypertension, adults often in the 130 ~ 160/90 ~ 100mmhg, blood pressure fluctuations, can be a transient, occasionally seriou ...Read More


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