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How does acute interstitial nephritis develop disease?

Acute interstitial nephritis is also very common, for acute interstitial nephritis, in fact, there are some causes of the disease, there are many factors in daily life will produce acute interstitial nephritis, for such diseases to ...Read More


Excessive drinking can also cause nephritis?

Nephritis is a big and small disease, if handled properly, it may develop into cancer. So we must pay attention to the etiology of nephritis, in order to do a good job of this disease defense work, when you can stay away from the d ...Read More


What is the difference between acute and chronic glomerulone

difference between acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, explain the difference between acute glomerulonephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis,we should learn to correctly understand, only the correct understanding of the disease ...Read More


How about a hospital for nephritis?

Many people say that chronic nephritis is a very troublesome disease, that is to say, chronic nephritis is very difficult to fully recover. Although it is difficult to completely cure chronic nephritis, chronic nephritis, but it do ...Read More


Antibiotics can not prevent pyelonephritis in children

Due to the imperfect development of the kidneys in infants and young children, it is easy to cause renal scarring of typical chronic bacterial pyelonephritis when urinary tract infections occur in infants. This kind of rough renal ...Read More


The elderly pyelonephritis diet aftercare

Pyelonephritis diet need to pay attention to each of us, pyelonephritis diet is very important for patients, patients and their families must pay attention to the diet! ...Read More


How long is chronic nephritis syndrome?

Chronic nephritis syndrome is difficult disease, the pathogenesis is complex, the diagnosis is extremely difficult, the lack of treatment means, under normal circumstances take a long time, for patients with chronic nephritis syndr ...Read More


How to prevent Latent Glomerulonephritis?

Latent glomerulonephritis.Has been troubled by all of us, for the treatment of the disease, we must understand clearly how you can prevent latent glomerulonephritis. Prevention and control of infection is the prevention of latent g ...Read More


Leading to recurrent episodes of chronic nephritis

Cause chronic glomerulonephritis recurrent reasons! Chronic glomerulonephritis to recurrent stumped countless kidney disease experts, but also a lot of chronic nephritis patients distressed. Treatment must first understand the dise ...Read More


Why is chronic hematuria?

Many patients with chronic nephritis will show the phenomenon of hematuria, suspected whether this is a chronic nephritis disease symptoms, is not their condition worse or suffering from other diseases. In fact, chronic nephritis i ...Read More


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