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What causes nephritis

What causes nephritis Glomerulonephritis is a common disease, urgent chronic, usually with occult blood proteinuria as the main symptom, so what is the reason for the occurrence of nephritis What are the causes of nephritis? We loo ...Read More


Treatment of chronic nephritis

Chronic nephritis is plagued by more and more people, resulting in many changes in their lives. So chronic nephritis treatment what good method? Clinical studies have found that many patients with chronic nephritis, the occurrence ...Read More


How does chronic nephritis happen repeatedly?

A prominent feature of chronic nephritis is easy to relapse, then the recurrence of chronic nephritis is a kind of situation? How even if is a relapse? Very patient does not understand the common sense in this regard, it is not goo ...Read More


Nephritis hematuria is not high Crescent

Nephritis hematuria is not high Crescent Nephritis hematuria high is also a friend of patients is very concerned about the problem, many nephritis patients also only clear proteinuria and hematuria problems, crescent body situation ...Read More


Early detection of nephritis symptoms

What is the cause of chronic nephritis? Refers to chronic nephritis, proteinuria and hematuria, hypertension, edema of the basic clinical manifestations, onset in different ways, the protracted, the slow progress of pathological ch ...Read More


Three symptoms of early slow nephritis

Many patients do not have early detection of disease violations, mostly because of the early symptoms of chronic nephritis do not understand, their health status is not concerned with the. Below we will introduce three symptoms of ...Read More


Several symptoms of nephritis

Chronic nephritis is a group of glomerular diseases with perse etiology, different pathological morphology and similar clinical manifestations. Edema: in the whole process of the disease, most patients will have varying degrees of ...Read More


The principle of medication for chronic pyelonephritis

A lot of people on their own health concerns are not many, in order to have a good body, should actively learn some common sense of the disease, especially renal nephritis, as man to a vital organ, in case of injury, there will be ...Read More


Nephritis induced hypertension how to do

The kidney disease incidence is rising gradually, so people do regularly check for the prevention of renal function is crucial to the hospital, so how to check kidney function, need to check what the project can determine their ren ...Read More


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