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Why should pay attention to the early detection and prevent

Feb 03, 2017

A variety of chronic kidney disease, such as not timely treatment, can develop into chronic renal insufficiency and even uremia. In Shanghai there are 135 people per million suffering from uremia, while the United States is twice more than Shanghai. In China, the number of renal insufficiency and uremia is increasing year by year, and hypertension and diabetes are becoming the main cause of uremia. Unfortunately, due to early disease often no discomfort, often late in uremic patients requiring dialysis to medical treatment, lost valuable treatment time.

Uremia mostly found too late

Because of the early patient almost no discomfort, and some of the commonly used laboratory tests often can not reflect the early kidney disease, so most of uremia found too late. This should arouse enough attention! Have a backache, fatigue, edema, poor appetite, night urination, anemia, kidney should go to the hospital to the medical college. In the following cases, the kidney should be checked regularly. In the past, the kidney diseases include acute nephritis, acute renal failure, and edema and proteinuria during pregnancy. Hypertension, diabetes, gout, lupus, polycystic kidney. The long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs, such as analgesics, antipyretics.

Effective treatment can prevent uremia

For chronic glomerulonephritis, in addition to the daily rest and prevention of infection, more important is through a variety of diagnosis, and make positive and targeted therapy can get better curative effect, long-term treatment is very important. Do not think that there is no specific effect of chronic nephritis, or chronic disease conditioning, missed treatment opportunities.

For chronic pyelonephritis and urinary tract infection, should be timely treatment, avoid repeated attack.

For diabetes, hypertension, gout and systemic lupus erythematosus and other diseases, kidney disease is one of the main factors to determine the condition, targeted renal function protection is very important.

If the disease is caused by renal insufficiency, in addition to active treatment of primary disease, should take more active measures to protect the kidney, different diseases and different stages of the disease, renal protection methods are not the same. In addition, because many drugs such as antibiotics, antipyretic analgesics, chemotherapy and used as X-ray and CT contrast agent and so on kidney damage, therefore, should be avoided or used under the guidance of a doctor.

About 1% of the glomerular sclerosis occurs every year after the age of 40. Therefore, from the middle age that should pay attention to the health care of renal function, including avoid excessive protein diet, regular measurement of blood pressure, urine test, blood glucose, blood lipids and renal function, etc..

In a word, to suffer from various types of kidney disease and kidney disease can affect the patient, should be regular nephrology examination and long-term treatment, strive for early detection and early treatment, in order to reduce the occurrence and development of renal insufficiency. For those who have renal insufficiency, should be timely inspection, as soon as possible to control the disease, to prevent the occurrence of uremia.


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