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How to do to reduce uremia hypertension

Apr 24, 2017

Uremia is a serious disease. If there is a slight mistake or improper treatment, there will be a risk of life at any time. So the key to the disease is to to do early prevention and early detection and early treatment.Only  to be careful of   the small details of life, I believe that these diseases will get  away from us.
The main way to reduce the blood pressure of uremia is to eat antihypertensive drugs to control. However, the medication must be choosen in the right way and we must choose their own medication based on their own and  take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not  follow others' advice blindly and  use some remedies, this will lead to illness worse.
There are many symptoms of uremia, uremia is a chronic disease, so the symptoms are slow growth, long-term concealment is not easy to be found. Obviously the symptom is already on the end stage when there  will be loss of appetite or indigestion,  and then cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Even this  may cause gastrointestinal bleeding, and melena and hematemesis.
Usually we must prevent the occurrence of uremia. It is necessary to prevent colds and all kinds of infections, but also to participate in a number of beneficial physical activityies, to prevent the occurrence of acute and chronic nephritis. In daily life , we must pay attention to personal hygiene, and eat less spicy greasy food, drink plenty of water to prevent urinary tract infection.
Uremia seriously affect the patient's life, and also  caused great pain and destruction to the patient's body. Therefore the patient must  insist on the treatment in life  and try to relax at the same time, have a positive and optimistic attitude to face  the treatment. Pay attention to eating habits, diet must be light, you can not eat salty and  greasy plants too much, and no smoking, no drinking. Make sure to prevent  disease such as shypertension and arteriosclerosis .

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