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Weeping uremia diet health care

May 03, 2017

For patients with uremia, the loss of renal function is very serious, the kidneys have no normal metabolism, resulting in the body of beneficial and toxic substances in the body a lot of deposition, in the diet need to pay attention to, on the one hand need to control the diet to avoid Kidney burden, on the other hand need to intake of essential nutrients the body. First of all need to control the intake of protein, because the general uremia patients will be dialysis treatment in the course of treatment will cause protein loss, but due to metabolic problems, excessive intake of protein will increase the burden on the kidneys. Generally per kilogram of body weight per day, a 1.5 grams to the proportion of intake. You can eat some high protein content of food, such as milk eggs, eat less soy products such as plant protein, because the utilization of plant protein is relatively low. Should pay attention to control the intake of fat and calories, the amount can not be large, but the intake of fat and calories, need to meet the daily needs of life, try not to eat animal fat. Other unhealthy diets, such as fried food, carbonated beverages, etc., can not eat any more. In the consumption of fruit should also pay attention. Patients pay attention to not eat too high sugar content of food, but also should control the intake of water and salt, all to meet the most basic needs of life, without increasing the burden of the principle of the kidney. Due to less salt diet, will cause food tasteless, affect appetite, so you can put the salt on the plate, dipped in eating to increase the taste. Can not eat spicy food or spices, such as pepper, etc., should try to eat some foods rich in fiber, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes and so on. Can be under the guidance of a doctor taking some vitamins, to alleviate the symptoms of vitamin deficiency in uremic patients.

In normal can be used to boil Astragalus and rice with Astragalus to eat, Astragalus qi to improve immunity, is conducive to the recovery of the disease. General uremic patients are more or less have anemia situation, you can take some appropriate Ejiao porridge to take. As a result of uremia patients will appear water metabolism disorders, you can use Poria porridge consumption, Poria sensible water dampness effect, for the recovery of the disease have some benefits. You can also take some Placenta or Placenta car powder, Placenta beneficial to the effect of fine kidney. General patients with this disease, have indigestion and absorption disorders, it can not meet the needs of the human body. This requires the intake of vitamin preparations. Of course, need to be taken under the guidance of a doctor. General uremic patients will be dialysis treatment, especially during treatment should pay attention to the diet. In addition, in the premise of ensuring rest, proper sports and good living habits, for the recovery of the disease is also very helpful.

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