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What are the symptoms of uremia oliguria period

May 05, 2017

I believe a lot of friends are aware of uremia disease, the harm is great. Once after the onset of the disease, patients without timely treatment, or even  become a threat to his own life, so after the onset of timely and relevant treatment is very necessary, but currently in clinical treatment, there are many methods of treatment, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, diet recuperation can also play a certain role of therapy. The recovery of the disease can play a role in promoting. In the end what are the symptoms of uremia oliguria period?

This period of the patients, the first body will appear signs of electrolyte disorder and is in oliguria stage, general observation will find that patients with systemic edema, pulmonary edema, and may also have symptoms of hypertension and heart failure occurred. This result is mainly caused by sodium retention.

In addition, patients will have nausea, fatigue, and drowsiness, and so on, and in this period, the patient's blood pH will be reduced, but also loss of appetite and respiratory symptoms such as accelerated. This situation is generally because the patient's body in the environment of acidic ions lead to patients with metabolic acidosis.

 Therefore, uremia in a small period of harm is also very large, this is mainly because the body of toxins in the body of patients with oliguria renal failure is difficult to discharge. It can directly endanger the lives of patients long term.

Therefore, patients should be actively treated, not careless.

Advise patients during treatment must rest in bed as much as possible, to help the body strength of the recovery, in addition, patients can try more vitamin and food is easy to digest in the daily diet.

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