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What is the difference between renal failure and renal insufficiency azotemia and uremia?

Sep 11, 2017

There is a difference in nephropathy and uremia, uremia is a kidney disease symptoms, then the following kidney specialist will help you with the analysis of the difference between chronic renal failure and renal insufficiency, azotemia and uremia:
At present, there are many terms in the description of renal damage. The definitions of these proper nouns are not exactly the same. Some people equate renal insufficiency with renal failure, and others equate with renal failure, hypoxemia, and uremia. In fact, azotemia is biochemistry nouns, regardless of cause, kidney, or gastrointestinal bleeding caused by kidney or high fever and other external factors, as long as the blood urea nitrogen or creatinine beyond the normal range, can be called nitremia. End stage renal disease is a pathological anatomical term, also known as atrophic kidney, renal glomerulus, renal tubule has been most or all of the damage, the kidney has lost physiological function. It is concluded that chronic renal insufficiency is the whole process of chronic kidney disease, that is, from the beginning of renal function to complete failure, that is, the ability of the kidney to compensate for the loss of the function of all stages. It has also been suggested that the compensatory capacity of the kidney has been compromised to complete loss of renal insufficiency. In the first word is used to describe the syndrome of renal failure, then that is due to urinary retention in the blood "caused by poisoning, then gradually realized with end-stage renal disease, its pathogenesis is not" urinary retention in the blood".
Through the introduction of kidney disease experts, you have a certain understanding of chronic renal failure and renal insufficiency, hyperlipidemia, uremia, do not confuse the concept among them.

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