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Uremic patients generally show what the characteristics of the disease

Aug 28, 2017

Some uremic patients, always forget to take medicine, and as an excuse to analyze their own can not cure the cause of uremia, in fact, this is only uremic patients do not attach importance to the treatment of uremia performance, if uremic children themselves Very concerned about the treatment of uremia, simply do not forget to take medicine situation, but also the prevalence of uremic symptoms of close attention to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

The symptoms of uremia generally have the following:

Drug-induced nerve damage. The symptoms of this uremia is caused by a variety of drug poisoning, manifested as mental disorders, convulsions, coma, extrapyramidal syndrome and other symptoms of uremia.

Uremic encephalopathy. Also known as renal encephalopathy, its clinical manifestations are mainly the following aspects: brain weakness and severe mental illness, including depression, manic state, delirium, hallucinations and delusions. This also belongs to the symptoms of uremia.

Uremic neuropathy. This is the more severe symptoms of uremic symptoms. Usually in the glomerular filtration rate occurred after the clinical manifestations include: peripheral neurological symptoms, began to leg discomfort, lower extremity itching, ants go or tingling, the evening will increase, activities or Walking can be alleviated.

Due to uremia in patients with renal drainage capacity gradually decreased, so prone to hyperkalemia, especially when the potassium intake too much, acidosis, infection, trauma, gastrointestinal bleeding and so on, more prone to hyperkalemia. Patients should strictly limit the intake of high potassium foods, and should regularly review the serum potassium.

Uremic patients generally show what the characteristics of the disease

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