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How to prevent chronic nephritis to develop uremia?

Sep 05, 2017

Chronic nephritis is a highly occult disease, occurred in patients with renal damage has many infinite, clinical is embodied, and embodied is very slow, usually simple mixed phase with other diseases, such as physical fatigue fatigue, mistakenly look owe good is thought to end-stage renal anemia. Failure cause indigestion misdiagnosed as gastritis. So, how to prevent chronic nephritis to develop uremia?

In summer, when the temperature is very high, it is easy to have the expansion of the blood vessel. The blood supply of various organs in the body is relatively good. Therefore, its function and self correction ability are also in a good level of the year. At the moment, patients with slow kidney disease often feel good about themselves, and the external manifestations of various kidney diseases are relatively light.

At ordinary times, we should eat more vegetables and plants of protein, these are very conducive to diuresis, and help to drain the toxins in the body, and can achieve a balanced diet, reducing the burden on the liver. Drink plenty of water, do not hold back, because if the urine in the bladder hold for a long time, will be very prone to bacterial growth, there is a lot of damage to the kidney is the liver, so it can accelerate the blood circulation through the water and kidney is not easy to be infected. Develop the habit of exercise every day, because exercise can improve people's immunity, and can reduce weight, is very conducive to the prevention of chronic nephritis, resulting in uremia.

The above is about how to prevent chronic nephritis lead to uremia introduction, hope to be able to give chronic nephritis patients have very good help. It is also suggested that patients with chronic nephritis must take their condition seriously and review them regularly.

How to prevent chronic nephritis to develop uremia?

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