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How can the creatinine index be controlled outside the limits of uremia?

Sep 05, 2017

The creatinine index in the blood is determined according to the function of the glomerulus. If the glomerular filtration function is reduced, then the blood creatinine value will increase and the blood creatinine index generally means that the kidney has been damaged. For chronic nephritis, the blood creatinine index is an important indicator, then how can the creatinine index be controlled outside the limits of uremia?

Nephritis patients must control protein intake. Excessive intake of protein increases the burden on the kidneys, so it is necessary to limit protein intake while ensuring that the body is necessary, and to ensure that the protein used is a high quality protein. High protein meat, eggs, milk and so on. In addition, beans, pasta, potatoes and other proteins are low in quality, in the body metabolism will produce more waste, more burden for the kidneys.

Food intake should ensure low purine levels. In the body after a series of purine metabolism change into uric acid, uric acid and most of the body is excreted through the kidney to, for nephritis, renal function, corresponding to the uric acid metabolism function reduced, uric acid can cause excessive ventilation. The purine content of soy products and broth is relatively high, and the intake of these foods should be eaten less or not.

Chronic nephritis patients usually have symptoms of decreased urine output, decreased renal processing capacity for water, so water drinking will stay in the body, causing the body to appear swollen, for this kind of patients should control the amount of drinking water. If the body does not appear edema symptoms, you need to consult a professional doctor, design a more scientific drinking water program.

For nephritis patients, no matter at what stage should believe the doctor, actively cooperate with medical treatment, at the same time in the diet should always pay attention, to develop scientific habits, not tired, get enough rest and sleep, to maintain an optimistic mood.

How can the creatinine index be controlled outside the limits of uremia?

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