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Uremia can cure it?

Nov 07, 2017

Because of this very slow and underdeveloped performance, there can be no noticeable "contrast" over a short period of time, just as it is difficult for people to find slow changes in their dealings with late arrivals. So sick is going to treatment, but many people do not know the treatment method, the following is a detailed introduction to you, got uremia can cure it completely.

Uremia can cure it?

Kidney transplant:

Some end-stage uremia, need long-term dialysis treatment, in their own economic and physical conditions suitable, will choose kidney transplant.

Kidney transplantation refers to the process of surgically transplanting organ donors' kidneys into recipients. Possible Sources of Kidneys: Family members, spouses, close friends, or those who die of the brain and sign their consent before giving birth to organs. Kidney Transplant Kidney Transplantation can bring patients better quality of life in a short period of time. However, kidney replacement is a major project. Although the current medical technology is already quite good, a lot of ex ante evaluations are still needed to improve the chance of kidney replacement success .

Uremia diet treatment:

Limit protein: Unwashed kidneys, due to kidney can not metabolize the waste generated after excretion of uremia to make the situation more serious, therefore, it is recommended to reduce protein intake; but if the kidneys, then you must pay attention, In the kidney will cause the loss of protein in the body, it must cooperate with nutritionist's advice to maintain the body's needs.

Limit sodium intake: Because of the high sodium content in the salt, excessive urinary sodium in the urethra can cause water retention in the body, leading to cardiopulmonary failure and increased uremia. But do not use low sodium salt, because low sodium salt contains high levels of potassium ions.

Limit potassium intake: the accumulation of potassium in the body can cause muscle weakness, severe cases can even lead to heart failure and thus lead to heart failure.


Dialysis dialysis: dialysis refers to the filtration, the selective removal of certain substances in the blood. That is to say, by manually removing the toxic waste, water and salt accumulated by the patient after uremia, the patient's physical condition is restored to a healthy state.

There are two forms of dialysis currently used: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is the use of a special machine to replace the function of the kidneys. Peritoneal dialysis is to use the human peritoneum as a filter to exclude toxins from the body.

Chinese treatment:

Stomach discordant type: Card to the heart under the swelling of the hips, nausea, vomiting, food less admittance, hiccup heating features. Treatment of liver and stomach Shu Shu, accompanied by Wen Wei vomit side with Sini Sini Gui attached to the soup cut.

Spleen phlegm turbid type: card to abdominal distension, mouth light and tedious, eat less anorexia, nausea, stool unhappy, or have cough, spit Qingban sputum characteristics. Governance to the spleen and stomach, accompanied by phlegm and voicing, party with the six gentlemen stomach tone gas soup cut.

Spleen blood stasis type: Zheng Jian bloating less food, or nausea, or retching, constipation or unhappy, weakness, pale complexion, pale tongue, or tongue with petechia. Governance to the spleen Tongfu, accompanied by nourishing blood, side with four gentlemen soup, warm spleen Huo Si Si Tang decisive.

Kidney blood stasis type: Zheng Jian cold and nausea, hand and foot temperature is not warm, complexion; Shenpi fatigue, stool unhappy, sometimes nausea, pale tongue, tongue with petechia. Treatment of Wenshen Qu cloud, accompanied by blood circulation, with the right to drink, Angelica Sini Tang Tao pink Siwu Tang cut.

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