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Can patients with uremia eat oranges?

Nov 27, 2017

Although there are many oranges nutrition, but this fruit is uremia patients can not eat fruit, then uremia patients can not eat oranges?

Potassium ion is an indispensable human body important material. However, when the body's potassium content is too high, it can lead to bradycardia, conduction block, and even sudden cardiac arrest that can endanger life. Due to glomerular filtration rate of uremic patients decreased, reduced renal tubular function, uremia patients with poor potassium row capacity. The orange contains a lot of potassium ions. Therefore, uremia patients can not eat oranges.

Because uremia patients often appear in the treatment of edema, kidney failure and other symptoms, uremia diet and its importance, the treatment of uremia is very important. However, if the same period can adjust the diet, it will be more effective. On the treatment of uremia will also play an auxiliary role in the treatment.

Therefore, patients with uremia should be reasonable during the treatment of vegetables, fruits, but according to their own condition reasonable intake. Salt intake is also taboo. Patients with heavy taste usually pay special attention. Seafood also can not eat. Because uremia patients' protein intake is also limited. More attention is usually necessary.

In fact, for patients, not only to actively cooperate with the doctor's examination and treatment, more is to do in the daily life of related adjuvant therapy, especially in the diet must pay attention to, for health, please do not give up treatment 

Can patients with uremia eat oranges?

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