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Uremia in patients with vomiting how to do?

Nov 27, 2017

Uremia has become a common disease in our daily life, causing serious harm to the patient's health. Therefore, some uremic patients to understand the frequent symptoms of vomiting some relief is still necessary. The following is a description of how to do vomiting in patients with uremia.

1, according to the severity of vomiting patients can take the appropriate amount of boiled ginger and pinellia soup, we should pay attention to their own health in their own lives, when uremia found to occur, we need timely treatment.

2, oral or injection of chlorpromazine 12.5 ~ 25mg, three times a day, for the treatment of vomiting also have some effect.

3, patients can also diet therapy to reduce vomiting, the more serious cases can use metoclopidon, three times a day.

4, patients with particularly serious illness can only be done by dialysis to ease the phenomenon of vomiting.

I believe that through the uremia in patients with vomiting how to do a series of detailed introduction, you uremic patients for some effective treatment of vomiting in patients with uremic symptoms, have a certain degree of understanding. Well, I wish all patients with uremia can get rid of illness as soon as possible, to restore good health.

Uremia in patients with vomiting how to do?

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