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Can patients with uremia rely on dialysis for long periods of time?

Nov 27, 2017

Uremia refers to a series of auto-poisoning symptoms that occur in the body due to endocrine dysfunction due to accumulation of metabolites and disturbance of water, electrolytes and acid-base balance during the development of acute or chronic renal insufficiency. The main reason for suffering from uremia is nephropathy, with the failure of renal function in patients with renal failure, the patient's physical strength will decline, all kidney disease will eventually evolve into uremia, uremia treatment we may think of dialysis treatment, However, the side effects of this method is very large, the average woman after basic dialysis has no fertility.

Now the most traditional treatment may be dialysis and kidney transplantation, let's look at how specific dialysis treatment of uremia. This method is also the most common and commonly used method of uremia treatment. Dialysis treatment can play an alternative role of renal excretion of metabolic toxins, in the shortest possible time will be excessive accumulation of the body's metabolic waste excreted, temporarily relieve the patient's high toxin state, so that patients from the danger of life. However, long-term maintenance dialysis, the patient's own kidney will gradually shrink, waste.

The shortcomings of dialysis This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Uremia dialysis increases the difficulty and cost of treatment. Uremic systemic disease in patients with significant damage, and some non-recoverable damage. After dialysis complications will increase and more serious. After starting the dialysis quality of life is poor, short survival time, and the original renal function depleted, this time, no matter how the treatment has been unable to take the initiative to choose their own specific dialysis mode, so treatment as soon as possible.

Can patients with uremia rely on dialysis for long periods of time?

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