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4 causes of death in uremic patients

Dec 30, 2016
Uremia is a kind of disease which makes the patients suffer from physical and mental diseases. It is not an independent disease, but is caused by other diseases. Uremic patients are often very sensitive to the condition. Patients are not satisfied with the results, it will bring to the blood of patients with depressed great psychological pressure, the mood is extremely low, thus, the illness and death accelerated the speed of. There are four main causes of uremia death.
1, CHF is the primary cause of death in patients with uremia, a common cause of heart failure in patients with uremia caused by hypertension, sodium retention, more than 80% uremic patients with hypertension, 80% of which belong to the volume dependent hypertension, which is caused by retention of sodium and water, cause water and sodium retention is the reduction and loss of glomerular filtration function and, while the patients failed to fully dialysis or even abandon dialysis, water can not be discharged, so that it is difficult to control blood pressure, heart burden and lead to heart failure; in addition, anemia caused by toxin on myocardial damage factors such as cardiac overload, cardiac enlargement, decreased myocardial contractility can also lead to heart failure.
2, severe arrhythmia was induced by electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders or increased with hyperkalemia and severe acidosis was the main cause, the main reason for the occurrence of hyperkalemia and severe acidosis is the renal excretion of potassium hydrogen ion excretion disorder; inappropriate potassium and common cause of blood transfusion is caused by the high hypokalemia.
3, gastrointestinal hemorrhage of digestive tract hemorrhage death in the cases of third leading causes of gastrointestinal bleeding due to stimulation of ammonia on the digestive tract, causing gastrointestinal mucosal erosion, and coagulopathy, retention of water and sodium caused by gastrointestinal mucosal edema caused by.
In 4, cerebral hemorrhage in addition to the above 3 reasons, is also one of the leading causes of death in patients with cerebral hemorrhage, uremic patients with hypertension before and after dialysis, and blood pressure fluctuations, with both factors in patients with uremia itself and blood coagulation dysfunction, such as the use of heparin induced cerebral hemorrhage.

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